What we Do

What We Do

Main services provided by the sports development unit in partnership with C.S.A.C include the provision of:

  • Training for club, coach and physical activity leader development-005
  • Provision of opportunities to participate
  • Provision of opportunities to improve performance
  • Opportunity to impact on health and well being of inhabitants of the borough
  • Recognition of and support of voluntary effort
  • Recognition of and support of talented performers

We value the impact sport can have, when it is used to engage and develop an individuals self esteem and a community’s capacity to engage with its residents.


In partnership with C.S.A.C, key agencies and governing bodies, the sports development unit works on three key areas


  • Starting well e.g. Youth Sport South, Craigavon, What to do for Boys and Girls Summer programme, and Fit for Life Scheme.
  • Staying involved e.g. Over 50’s clubs, Grants for coach education, and recognising the work of volunteers
  • Striving for Excellence e.g. the southern sports academy, the Craigavon school of sport and Grants, Bursaries and a sports training scheme for talented individuals.