Sports Advisory Council


Craigavon Sports Advisory Council is a voluntary organisation, funded by Craigavon Borough Council. Members of the committee all come from a range of sporting backgrounds but each share one common goal, which is to represent the interest of sport in the Borough.

CSAC are responsible for a number of initiatives including:

 Grant Aid

• Senior & Junior Sports Awards

• Sports Bursaries

• Sports Training Scheme

• Junior Club Development Award

• Summer Courses for Children

• Coaching, Educational and Club


Grant Aid

CSAC offers different types of Grant Aid within the Borough of Craigavon.

Individual Grant Aid

Available to individuals at any time of the year who reside in the Borough of Craigavon if they are affiliated to CSAC either through a club or as an individual. Individuals are restricted to two separate applications in any one financial year.

Club Grant Aid

Available to constituted clubs who are affiliated to CSAC. Grants are available for purposes such as travel cost, competition costs, major events and club development.

Applications for club grant aid are invited throughout April and May with the closing date being the last Friday in May.

Coaching/Refereeing Qualifications

CSAC will also support clubs who wish to put their coaches through Governing Body coaching and refereeing courses in order to raise standards within their club. Clubs can apply at any time throughout the year but must be affiliated to CSAC. (Affiliation cost is £10 per year) Clubs are restricted to two applications in any one financial year.

Sports Training Scheme

The Sports Training Scheme allows people who reside within the Borough of Craigavon and have been selected to represent at a Provincial or higher level, assisted access to training facilities.

For Further information please contact

Anne Benson on 028 38311693 or email [email protected]