Midnight Street Soccer

Midnight Street Soccer

St Marys Youth Club MSS

MSS Pens JunWhat is midnight Street Soccer?

The Midnight & Junior Street Soccer project aims to provide a number of community youth diversionary soccer leagues held at various synthetic pitch venues throughout the borough.

The project increases sporting opportunities for young people and the physical activity levels of participants. It develops social, cross community and good relations opportunities and provides diversionary activities for this identified target age group.

The participants will also take part in a range of other workshops and activities focusing on good relations, team building, DJ workshops, dance and other fitness elements.


 DJ workshopWhen does it happen?

The monthly format for the Programme takes place on the last Friday of every month with the top 2 teams from each league meeting for the Finals on the Saturday. Junior Street Soccer runs from 6-8pm targeting 12-14 year olds with the Midnight Street Soccer running from 8.30-11.30pm which targets 15-17 year olds.


How do I register a team?

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